Culverts are pipes that allow water or streams to pass underneath railways and roads. They come in many shapes, including elliptical, round, arched, or rectangular. Additionally, culverts prevent problems such as floods and erosion, which is crucial to traffic and stormwater flow.

Severe culvert deterioration can occur over the years due to abrasive and corrosive factors from the environment. However, culvert rehabilitation has allowed preexisting culverts to extend their expected lifespan by incorporating liners to support the structure, further maximizing the area of flow. What are some other benefits of trenchless culvert rehabilitation? Let’s find out.

Cost Effectiveness

Complete culvert replacement can be costly, especially when roads are cut or excavated to install a new structure. Culvert rehabilitation is a non-invasive means to help increase structural integrity without a complete replacement. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation doesn’t cause public transport downtime, as the rehabilitation solution can often be installed without impacting the roadway.

Superior Load Bearing Capability

A benefit of InfraSteel trenchless pipe repair is its superior load-bearing capabilities. Culverts that act as bridges for roads and railways can support a substantial amount of surface weight.

Cars, trucks, trains, and buses can continuously apply load pressure without concerns of failure or collapse. Proper culvert rehabilitation offers older or failing culverts additional support. These methods are accomplished by taking detailed measurements and surveys to ensure that the rehabilitation solution will fit the exact shape of the existing structure.

Environmental & Traffic Impact

While culvert replacement can impact the environment and ongoing traffic, rehabilitation is a non-disruptive alternative. The traveling public won’t have to worry about unnecessary downtime, and emergency vehicles won’t experience delays from detoured traffic.

At Infrasteel, we’ve helped service the nation’s transportation and stormwater infrastructure by providing reliable culverts liner solutions. Our culvert rehabilitation services help restore and preserve failing culverts through cost-effective means. We strive to incorporate structural and hydraulic requirements for every job site. If you have any questions regarding our culvert rehabilitation and installation services, contact us today, and our experienced team will help you.