About InfraSteel®

About InfraSteel

Precision Pipe and Products Inc. was founded in 2003, to service our nations structural steel pipe market. The company is owned and managed by a team of experienced people who have specialized in the steel pipe market their entire working careers. Precision’s focus has been servicing our customers with consistently high quality structural steel pipe, bringing value to our business relationships in the process.

One of our customers who had been using round carbon steel pipe to rehabilitate failing culverts, was asked by the state DOT they were working for if they could have a steel liner fabricated to match the shape of failing arched and elliptical shaped pipes. After perfecting the process of matching the shapes of existing structures, and the successful completion of a multitude of culvert rehabilitation projects, The Precision Team decided to market it nationally. State and County DOTs, as well as Class I Railroads around the country quickly approved InfraSteel, and new products have been developed.