Why Infrasteel™ Culvert Solutions

Infrasteel provides superior culvert solutions that are designed to meet strict requirements and ensure structural integrity. As a leading provider of steel culvert inserts, we offer innovative pipe solutions that increase flow capacity, reduce environmental impact, and limit community disruption.

Our culvert solutions are cost-effective, adaptable, and readily available through numerous contractors. The design life of our products, including the added copper in Infrasteel for corrosion prevention, is calculated based on the thickness of the liner chosen for each project. This meticulous approach to design ensures longevity and plenty of value for our customers. Contact us for high-quality, durable culvert solutions that stand the test of time.

Key Benefits of Infrasteel

  • Total Costs

  • Design Life

  • Flow Capacity

  • Structural Integrity

  • Community Disruption

  • Environmental Impact

  • Adaptability

  • Contractor Availability

Total Costs

The costs associated with slip lining are generally much less than replacement. Excavation of the existing structure is not required, and there is no cost to the traveling public. The design life expectancy of the rehabilitated structure, should be taken into consideration when determining the value of the chosen rehabilitation method.

Design Life

InfraSteel has a calculated design life based on the thickness of the liner chosen for each project. Once the load bearing thickness is determined, steel is added to the thickness for each year of design life required, taking into consideration the added copper in InfraSteel for corrosion prevention. The joints are welded, providing no opportunity of joint failure. Our project owners are leaving a legacy to those who follow them.

Flow Capacity

We work with our customers to get detailed measurements from the host structure which allows us to manufacture a liner to maximize the hydraulic area of the liner. We also manufacture site specific inlet and outlet control features, headwalls, wing walls and fish baffles.

Increased Structural Integrity

Structural analysis is done of the chosen designs, based on the load bearing requirements of our project owners. Adding thickness to our InfraSteel liners, allows us to meet the load bearing requirements for the determined designs. Field welding insures the strong joining of the InfraSteel sections.

Community Disruption

With InfraSteel designs there is no disruption to the traveling public, and no delays for emergency vehicles. Construction can generally be done from the existing right of way.

Limited Environmental Impact

InfraSteel is environmentally friendly. Slip Lining with InfraSteel uses the time tested materials of steel and mortar.


InfraSteel adapts easily to various slip lining as well as pipe and fill applications. If future plans require road or track widening, extensions can be manufactured and welded on to the existing liner sections.

Contractor Availability

InfraSteel projects do not require special equipment or specialized contractors. Most of our contractors do a variety of Highway and Rail projects using their standard equipment.